Arizona Vacation 2017



Arizona holds so many special memories for us. It is where my husband and I first began to build our lives together after we got married, where I graduated from college, and the home of so many good times and so much growth.



Although we’ve moved back to the area where we grew up in the Midwest, Arizona has such a nostalgic feeling.


The opportunity arose to visit our friends before they move out of Arizona as well, and we jumped on it. It was a fairly quick and spontaneous decision, but we booked the flight and didn’t look back.


The day after we flew in, we visited Sedona. I could try to describe it, but you really just need to go. It gives you that same frightening-but-breathtaking feeling that you get when you look out at the open ocean.



I’m growing to like that feeling. It gives you a sense of humility at how small you really are, yet gratitude that God chose to give you life in a universe full of such amazing things.


We had such a fun time hiking and even just driving with this beautiful landscape around us.


Above all, it was great to see our friends. Life takes us in different directions and I’m notoriously bad at staying in touch (working on it!), but even so, when we get back together the relationship feels like we’ve never left. I’m thankful for these and other great people in my life.



I also appreciated the 90 degree weather when there was a snowstorm happening back home. Gratefulness comes in all sorts of forms!


Where will you be headed for your next vacation?


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Success Stories and Cranberry Aioli

I spent last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.


It was technically my Christmas present.

Spending time with no obligations is a pretty freeing feeling. As the museum lover that I am, even without obligations, I gladly chose to tour the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.