This 10 Second Happiness Hack Will Improve Your Entire Day


There is so much pain and suffering in the world, and it takes a toll on each of us. As I posted about before, my heart breaks when I hear of tragedy, and I’m sure yours does too. It really depresses my day.

The problem is that the shock value of a story is what makes the news. People can’t help but become enthralled by information about the latest shooting or natural disaster or kidnapping. Even as we’re horrified, we’re still watching, which means the news stations will keep playing it.

I don’t even have television and I feel the effects. I had downloaded a couple news apps which would alert me to “breaking news.” This included everything from President Obama giving an important speech to a terror attack in Libya to the death of Prince. Mostly, it was negative. And it popped up throughout my life, as a constant reminder that the world is broken.

It turns out, hearing all the bad news that the media throws at us makes a significant difference in our lives. I found many articles on this exact situation, but one that stood out to me was this one. Not only does seeing or hearing negative news in the morning affect your effectiveness at work, it actually made people report their day as less happy 6 to 8 hours later. 

Stop and let that sink in. It affects you all day long.



When You Feel Helpless

There seems to be a theme of terror and tragedy in the world today. Terrorism, disease, riots, poverty, pain, indifference, and catastrophe can dominate the news and it begins to feel like that’s all there is.

Evil is real. I believe that. And sometimes really bad things happen to good people.

When Bad Things Happen

What I’m most afraid of, though, is apathy. At what point do we as a nation become numb to the horrific things going on around us? At what point do we hear about another shooting, or another death, or another disaster, and just brush it off because we’ve become desensitized to it? At what point do we lose the compassion that we feel for others?

It’s scary to think that this could be the future. I don’t want apathy. We have to do something. It can feel like we’re totally helpless, but that’s not at all true. So what can we do when we feel utterly and completely helpless? Here are a few places to start: