So I Did Some Running

I ran a half marathon.

I never thought I’d say those words, but here we are. I’ve been asked many times, “Why?” or “What made you want to do that?” or “What motivated you?” I wish I had some sort of noble answer, but I really don’t know. I think it was mostly to see if I could do it or to be able to say I did. It started when I trained for and ran a 9-mile run. When I finished it, I realized that a half marathon is just another 4 miles, so I might as well do it while I was already training.

I think running is kind of like coffee. You don’t like it when you start, but you know that there’s got to be a reason everybody’s so crazy about it, and eventually, you get to a point that you actually start to like it a lot. At least, that’s how it worked for me.

I’m not a good runner, by any means, but I just had the mentality of “keep going, don’t stop.” It’s like the old saying that “slow and steady wins the race,” except for I didn’t win the race. I didn’t even come close. The guy who won beat me by a whole hour. I guess fast and steady actually wins the race!

Still, the whole experience was a blast. There’s something so thrilling about setting a ridiculous goal, working consistently toward it (even when you don’t see progress) and eventually reaching that goal. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do it!




Six Weeks of Wellness- Week 1- Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Challenge

Happy New Year!

I’m so excited to see what 2017 has in store, and I’m glad you’ve decided to join me!

To kick off the new year, we’re getting started with 6 challenges in 6 weeks. You can read more about that here. Basically, there will be a new challenge each week for 6 weeks which will help you jumpstart your year in every area of life.

To get us started, we are looking at the spiritual aspect of our lives. It’s interesting to me that, although this is the most important area of life, we often neglect it when it comes to goal-setting or looking ahead to a new year.

How you are doing spiritually is going to make a much bigger, lasting difference than the amount of weight you lose or the new organizational technique you’re trying. In fact, the chaos in other areas of our lives (physical health, stress levels, etc.) is often just evidence of a more fundamental chaos within us. Feeling at peace and confident with yourself is going to show in the way you care for yourself, for others, and for your living spaces.

With that in mind, our first week’s challenge starts with a basic, fundamental, yet powerful exercise.

Pick a passage of scripture or a positive quote for the year.

Give this some time and effort. What could help motivate you towards your goals or help you to achieve the feeling that you want for this year (maybe something about rest, discipline, joy, or something else)?

Once you have chosen your scripture or quote,

Practice each day so that you have it memorized by the end of the week!

That gives you seven days to choose and memorize your spiritual passage for the year.

You can, of course, take this further:

  • Write it out on a sticky note and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day
  • Make it into the background on your phone or computer
  • Choose an entire song which captures the meaning of the quote
  • Share it with others! (If you share to social media, use the hashtag #TheThrivingChallenge so we can keep up with each other!)

I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with and how you’re going to incorporate it into your year!

If you’d like a list of some ideas, sign up for my email newsletter. If you’re already signed up, you’ll be getting the printable PDF automatically!

Be sure to let me know what your verse or quote is, and get ready for next week’s physical wellness challenge!



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What Do You Want to Achieve before 2017?

Quarterly Goals

I love setting and achieving goals. At the beginning of 2016 I made some big goals for the year. Now that the year is 3/4 over, I have realized that I haven’t met a single goal I set this January (I set 6). This isn’t because of some massive failure. Instead, as I look over them, I see that my life has taken a different direction than I had planned 10 months ago.

I feel like I’ve had a great year thus far and have accomplished so much, which makes me question how I need to restructure my goal setting, because this method isn’t working.


How to Make Your Week Less Hectic

Do you ever have weeks where you just feel behind? Like you’re catching up all week long? That was last week for me. I hadn’t gotten food ready that I needed to, so we hit the drive-thru (which isn’t normally like us). Instead of maintaining a clean home, I was catching up from old messes and clutter. I was tired and frazzled in the mornings. What was going on?

It didn’t take me long to recognize exactly what was the difference that caused last week’s chaos.

I had failed to finish my Sunday evening week preparation.



Each Sunday, I do a few things to get myself prepared for the week ahead. It’s simple, really, but it is noticeable when I skip it.

Here are the things that I include in my Sunday evenings: