Preparing for Easter

This Sunday marks a very special day for Christians. Easter! Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, making it possible for anyone to come into a relationship with God and experience eternal life in Heaven and a fulfilling life here on earth.

If you’re like me and hadn’t gotten around to doing anything refreshing to prepare yourself for the Easter holiday and all that it means, you can join me this week as I do.

I’ve decided that a fun way to do this will be to explore 6 verses, one each day until Easter, and to journal each day as well. You could even turn this into a fun conversation starter for your family each day.

If you would like to join me, here are the verses and questions that I will be focusing on:



I Failed at My Goal- Here’s Why I’m Happy About It

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love me some goal setting. Even more than that, I love conquering those goals. The feeling of accomplishing something you’ve set out to do is really spectacular. But what about when you don’t achieve your goal? What about when you fail? Today I dive into why I’m not too upset about my most recent failure.


In 2015, one of my biggest goals was to finish reading the Bible. I had read many books of the Bible more than once, but there were others I hadn’t read at all, so I wrote out a list and set off to finish what I hadn’t read.

Needless to say,Β I failed.

In December, I realized that I had a few more books to read. Now, there are lots of strategies IΒ should have used to keep this from happening, but I didn’t. I didn’t accomplish one of my most important goals.