Saying “No” to Something Good


It’s been said that we sometimes have to say “no” to something good in order to say “yes” to something even better.

Anytime that we say yes to something, we are essentially saying no to something else. We can’t be two places at once, so for everything we do, there are an infinite amount of things we can’t do.

I can’t go see a friend and clean my house at the same time. I can’t go on a vacation and save that vacation money for a vehicle at the same time. I can’t spend every waking hour busy and be in tip-top physical and mental health at the same time.

For every “yes,” you are also having to say “no,” even if you don’t realize it.

The problem arises when choosing between two good things. There are many times I don’t really want to say no to anything. I wish I was career Barbie, who was simultaneously an astronaut and a teacher and a veterinarian and a flight attendant and a million other things. But this isn’t Barbie’s reality, and in my reality, I have to say no to a lot of things I really enjoy.

Today the thing I said “no” to was my job. I would like to point out that this is a job I absolutely love. But, I said “no” to something good in order to say “yes” to something better. Although I would have been happy to stay in that position for the rest of my life, furthering my education was a high priority for me and would also afford me the opportunity to have more choice in how exactly I served clients. I knew that staying where I was would be good, but furthering my education would be better.

So that’s what I did. Today was my last day of work and I will be starting classes soon. I think it’s helpful for me to frame this transition in this way, because the quitting part just isn’t much fun at all. Going after something better, though? That’s something I can say “yes” to.



  1. What a tough choice this had to be for you! Especially since you enjoyed your job so much. But you didn’t settle , so you never have to ask yourself what if I had furthered my education and really got where I wanted to be- that speaks volumes! You have a goal and you are going to meet it! Saying yes to your hearts desire for your life is the best you can do! So very proud of you! Love you! ❤️️

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