Is Happiness a Pursuit?

Do you feel like you’re chasing after happiness? Many people are. The problem with this mindset is that a person can only chase after something if it is an object to obtain.

What do I mean by this?

Well, we can chase an ice cream truck. We can chase a dollar amount in the bank. We can chase a number on the scale.

But could you chase anger or excitement or sadness or fear? Of course not. These aren’t objects to obtain, they are feelings that we experience. How would you even know you had obtained them?

This seems simple, but it can lead to a radical mindset shift. You can pursue happiness your entire life, but you can never reach it, because it isn’t a thing to be reached. 

This may sound like depressing news, but take heart. You can still very much be happy.

Think about the happiest people you know. Were they sad until the stars aligned or their lives became perfect? I doubt it. We pursue happiness by acquiring stuff or relationships or losing weight or organizing our homes or making partner at the law firm, but when has that ever worked?

Happiness is not a destination. It is not an end goal.

Happiness is the feeling we experience when we are living a life of meaning and purpose. It is the joy in the journey.

How can you make your journey more joyous? You can stop and smell the roses (literally and figuratively). You can find spiritual meaning or give to others. You can slow down and enjoy the process rather than anticipating that happiness may be hiding behind the next door.

When we pursue happiness, we can never reach it. When we pursue a life worth living, happiness comes along for the ride.





What brings you happiness? Share in the comments below!


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