Prune Your Life to Find Fulfillment and Save Money

Cut Out of Your Life

When people find out that I have never paid for television, they are usually shocked (and sometimes don’t believe me). What do you do? they will ask, surprised that I could be so cut off from pop culture.

I don’t have anything against TV, but it isn’t something that would enhance my life.

The consumeristic nature of society has led us all to believe that more equals better.

More money. More stuff. More overtime. More commitments. More responsibilities. More subscriptions.


We let so many things into our lives without really questioning why. This leads us to having cluttered homes full of mediocre stuff and cluttered lives full of mediocre relationships and responsibilities.

I’ve been working to evaluate the stuff in my life (physical stuff and the not-so-tangible stuff) and determine if it really needs to be there.

If you’d like to try this too, here are a couple questions to consider:

  1. Is this thing making my life better or worse? Think big picture here. Junk food makes your life great in the moment that you eat it, but the overall impact on your life is negative, not positive. The random things we accumulate may make your life slightly better on the one hand, but overall the clutter they cause makes your life definitely worse.
  2. Do I love this or need this? Home decor that you truly love is much different than home decor that’s just taking up space. Some things you may not love, but you definitely need (like toilet paper).

If something is overall making your life worse and you don’t love it or need it, why do you have it? I want my life to be filled with things I choose to be in my life, not things that just somehow end up there.

This extends way beyond just physical stuff. This could include relationships, habits, commitments, jobs, services, and more. Why fill your life with stuff you didn’t intentionally put there?

Back to the TV example. TV would not make my life better, I wouldn’t love it, and I definitely wouldn’t need it. Not having TV is an intentional choice for me. If TV makes your life better because you love it and really enjoy watching it, then that’s great. There’s probably something I have in my life that wouldn’t add value to yours.

And that’s the important thing to remember. Everyone is different. Cutting things out of your life that aren’t improving your life is one way to live more intentionally.

Based on those questions, what could you cut out of your life?


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