Six Weeks of Wellness- Week 2- Physical Wellness


Physical Wellness Challenge

Eighty-seven percent of Americans do not eat the recommended 2-3 cups of vegetables each day. That means most of us.

Why does this matter?

Vegetables are good for your your skinyour bonesyour eyes, and even your stress level.

People who eat more vegetables may be at reduced risk for stroke, cancer, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes

They’re part of a healthy diet and are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight.


Basically, it’s the simple fact that we all know: the vitamins, minerals, and fiber found in vegetables are important for our overall health. If you think getting these things in supplements rather than plants will do, I think this book by Michael Pollan might convince you that the nutrients alone aren’t as valuable as the vegetables as a whole.

With this in mind, this week’s challenge is simple: add one additional serving of vegetables to each day.

If you happen to be in the minority who is already getting your vegetables, consider adding a different source of nutrition for this challenge. Add a cup of green tea, an additional serving of fruit, or another glass of water.

I will be adding my extra serving of vegetables this week with a green smoothie, spinach salad, or carrots and cucumbers as a snack.

An important part of this challenge is the idea of adding the good food rather than restricting the bad. Studies have shown that we humans don’t like the idea of restricting, and that we have better health results by adding good than by restricting bad (as an added bonus, when you start adding in the good stuff, you tend to naturally eat less of the bad).

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started on this week’s challenge. Add another serving of veggies to your day. Who knows, this may become a new healthy habit!


I’m so happy to hear about everyone who has already started the 6 Weeks of Wellness Challenges! If you missed the first week, last week, you can see that one here. It’s not too late to jump in now, though. The best way to follow along (and get a free green smoothie guide this week) is to sign up to get posts by email. All I need is your first name and email address, and you can sign up here. If you’ve already signed up, thank you!

Another great way to get involved with the challenge is to comment on this post about how you’re incorporating a serving of vegetables into your day. You can also post updates or photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #thethrivingchallenge so we can keep up with each other.


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