Jumpstart 2017: 6 Weeks of Wellness Challenges!

2017 Challenge

I love a good challenge, and the beginning of a new year puts me in the mood to conquer one.

In an effort to thrive, I’ll be undergoing 6 wellness challenges in 6 weeks, and I’m inviting you to join me.


What to Expect

Each Monday from January 2 to February 6, the post on the blog will introduce and discuss the challenge for the week. There will be Facebook posts of encouragement and motivation and even some extra freebies for my email subscribers. If you keep up with all 6 challenges, you’ll start 2017 off in the best way possible.

Each challenge is simple but powerful. They are small things that are easy to do or easy not to do, and they use the principles of the slight edge (great book, check it out here) to radically improve your life.


How to Join the Challenge

Being a part of the challenge is easy. Sign up to receive each post by email so you don’t get behind. You can do that by clicking here. If you’re already signed up, thank you!

Follow The Thriving Self on Facebook to stay motivated. Follow me on Instagram to see how I’m doing with the challenges.

Post pictures of anything challenge-related on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TheThrivingChallenge so we can keep up with each other!


I hope you have had a very merry Christmas and that you’re looking forward to 2017!



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