Merry Christmas! {Six Holiday Wellness Tips}


With Christmas just around the corner, today I bring you six holiday wellness tips to help you enjoy the season:


  1. Get some sort of movement in each day. This is important year round, but during the holidays it can be easy to lounge around and get no exercise at all. Even a quick workout or a walk will help you avoid feeling like you’ve let yourself go- plus it will put you in a health mindset before anyone brings out the candy and dessert.
  2. Step away from work completely. Depending on your job, this may not be possible for entire days. If possible, avoid anything work-related during the break. If that’s not possible, even setting boundaries like only checking email once a day will make a drastic difference. It’s difficult to enjoy a break if your mind is still at work.
  3. Learn something new about someone. Holiday gatherings provide ample opportunity to talk to others. Take advantage of this and give your conversation some direction by making it a goal to learn something about someone else.
  4. Maintain self-care. Whatever you need to do to feel your best throughout the year, be sure you continue that during the holiday season. This could be something like yoga, journaling, meditation, or talkingwith a friend. These kinds of self-care activities can be easily overlooked during busy seasons, but the holidays will be so much richer if you are in your best emotional state.
  5. Utilize travel time to stimulate your mind. Podcasts, audio books, print books, or good conversation are all efficient use of travel time. Check out this page for resources I recommend.
  6. Don’t neglect your spiritual practices. The holidays can be an extra special time spiritually. Embrace that by guarding the time you spend in your devotional or other spiritual practice. Make it a priority so that other commitments don’t creep in instead. Here‘s a 7 day Bible reading plan which allows you to read the Christmas story in chronological order, which I think is a neat idea.


What tips do you have for the holiday season? I’d love to hear in the comments section below!



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