What Gets Scheduled Gets Done

Schedule Your Priorities

What are your priorities? Your family? Faith? Health? Friends? Work? Travel?

Think of the top 3 or so.

Good, now take a look at your calendar. Whether you keep your calendar in a planner, on your phone, or jotted down in a notebook, see what items make it onto your schedule.

Isn’t it interesting that our top priorities often don’t line up with what we actually plan to spend time on?

We decide what to spend time on based on outside commitments or deadlines, but we rarely take control of our schedule and actually plan to do the things that are most important to us- spend quality time with family or friends, do faith-building activities, or care for our minds through rest or time in nature. Of course, everyone’s priorities are going to look different. Regardless of what your priorities are, consider scheduling them in. Once “date night” is on the schedule, you’ll be able to say no to that last minute meeting that could easily be scheduled for the next morning. When exercise is scheduled just like a meeting is, it’s easier to show up.

What gets scheduled gets done. What’s getting done in your life?



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My favorite planner is the Life Planner from Erin Condren. You can get it here. It would make a great gift for the Type A women in your life! For the gentlemen, I recommend a Moleskine planner like this one. So classy.

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