Be Unashamed in Your Excitement

Unashamed Excitement

Why is it “cool” to avoid being excited? Why do we tame ourselves when inside we are bursting with joy at the sight of that rare bird or new tool or historical monument? Why do we fear being seen as weird if someone finds out about our extensive knowledge of Australian art or the history of the hotel industry or the Andromeda galaxy? Why are we ashamed of our affinity for watching random tutorials or our desire to go to the ventriloquist convention?

Why be ashamed of something you’re interested in?

Somewhere along the line of growing up, we were taught that cool people maintained composure and didn’t get too involved in anything outside of a few extremely mainstream interests.

I want to defy that.

You know what I think is cool? A person who is passionate about something, even if it’s something foreign to me.

It’s a wonderful thing to see someone’s face light up and their words come out faster as they start talking about a subject that fascinates them. These are also the people I love to learn from because their enthusiasm is infectious.


So how can you become this person?

For starters, you need to catch yourself when you find yourself holding back any joy or excitement. Think about why you’re doing it and how it affects you. Then, free yourself. Allow yourself to let go and enjoy the moment to the fullest without fear of what others are thinking.

Be unashamed in your excitement.

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