How I Went From Hating Running to Running 30 Minutes Straight


I hate running.

Running is probably my least favorite form of exercise, right up there with the evil clean and press move. In order to attempt to hate it less, I decided to follow a specific plan to prep for the 5k race so I could hopefully not feel like I was dying the whole time.

The plan that I chose is one I found on Pinterest and it turns out it’s from Cosmopolitan. It’s a 7 week plan to get up to running 30 minutes straight. Click here for the link to the plan. It uses a combination of running and jogging to work its way up week by week.

By the last week of the plan, there was a moment of running where I actually felt good. I felt like my legs were actually moving gracefully and my lungs were cooperating and I felt vibrant and alive! And then that ten seconds was over and I was back to suffering.

How does anyone enjoy running? Someone explain this to me.

My two takeaways from this experience:

  1. Following the plan actually made it so I could run 30 minutes no problem
  2. For my own health, I will stick to other forms of exercise which I enjoy, like weight-lifting, sports, aerobics, and yoga. It’s really not worth it to wake up and do something I hate.

Do you enjoy running?

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  1. I enjoy running. But I hated it in the beginning, and by saying in the beginning I mean for really looong time. But apparently, after some time I got used to it and started to like it. It makes me feel great to see what my body can do today better than yesterday. 🙂


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