How to Learn from Traveling

Traveling- Good for the Soul AND the Mind

I had a Spanish professor who once said that “the best education is travel.” If you have had the pleasure of doing some traveling, you will likely see where he was coming from with that statement.

It’s so true. While I stand by what I said about books having the ability to take you to other places, the truth is, travel literally takes you to other places. In case you don’t believe me, today I’ve compiled 5 reasons why learning from travel is the best education. Maybe this will give you some motivation to plan your next getaway!

  1. You gain a unique understanding of our shared humanity. It turns out, we aren’t all that different from one another. This became clear to me on a trip I took to some impoverished neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic. At the end of the day, rich or poor, man or woman, old or young, we all want to be loved and to feel joy. Traveling helps you to put faces and names to the “other” people of the world, whoever that may be for you. You begin to realize that although cultures differ, we all have a fascinating shared humanity.
  2. Your independence manifests. Traveling away from the comfort of home forces a person to become more independent. You may have to navigate an airport, a foreign country, or even just a new neighborhood. Getting out of your comfort zone brings independence and immense satisfaction which is something that can’t really be taught in a classroom.
  3. You learn academic material, too. I’m a sucker for museums. I feel like a kid in a candy shop while browsing anything from an ancient artifact to a modern work of art. Museums and tourist attractions usually have a wealth of information. Even if you don’t head to a museum, traveling helps you to learn other academic things like currency exchange, navigation, logistics, and maybe even another language.
  4. Your brain will thank you. Studies show that travel is good for our brains. In fact, the novelty of visiting a new place can help you to learn better and remember more. In other words, travel makes your brain more healthy and while you’re traveling, your brain is actually able to learn more effectively!
  5. Fun learning is better learning. If learning can be fun, it’s more effective, and I can’t think of a more fun way to learn than to travel. Whether you head across the world or across your town, exploring new places gives you fresh perspective and new knowledge.

I hope this inspires you to plan your next excursion to someplace you’ve never been. Where is your next travel destination? I’d love to hear about it!

Also, what have you learned from your travels?

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