I am Blessed


If you’re reading this, you have an Internet connection.

As much as that can seem like a “need” in today’s society, it’s actually quite a luxury. If you can afford that type of luxury, I’m going to assume that you, like me, have your basic needs met. And if that’s the case, regardless of what you’re going through, you are extremely blessed.

If I really stop and think about it, my entire life is filled with blessings that I often take for granted.

I wake up and turn the lights and coffee maker on. I have electricity any time I want.

I sip my coffee and read my morning devotional. I live in a nation where I was taught how to read. My nation also allows me to practice my faith without fear that I’ll get thrown in prison or killed.

I head out for a jog. My legs both work, so I can do this.

I head home, drink some water, and get in the shower. Clean water is available to me any second of the day and I can even control the temperature of it. (I have an icemaker, so I can even get FROZEN clean water on demand. Stop and think about how foreign this would seem to people in parts of the world where freshwater is scarce)

I drive to work. Modern transportation allows me to basically go wherever I want, whenever I want.

At work (I’m a counselor), I spend my time helping people improve their lives. I was born at the right time in the right place to have the opportunity for this career to exist.

I spend the evenings with my husband and get to go to sleep with him by my side. God blessed me with my perfect life companion.

And then I get to wake up and do it all again the next day.


All of these things are simple, but when I stop and really think about how incredibly blessed I am, it’s overwhelming. Why did God choose to have me be born at this time in history to the particular set of parents I was born to? I don’t know. I could never be thankful enough.

Even if your life isn’t exactly how you would choose it to be, there is always something to be thankful for. In the midst of difficulty, you can look through your day and find countless blessings. This simple mindset shift can truly change your life.

What are you most grateful for? What have you been ungrateful for in the past?


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