Why You Need to Be Reading More

Why You Should Read More

I love to read. I have always enjoyed reading and am so grateful to have books as a part of my life from a young age. Not everyone shares in my love of reading, so today I’d like to use my best persuasion to give you ten reasons to head to the library  or dust off your old bookshelf.

Ten Reasons to Start Reading Today

  1. It makes you smarter. The act of reading itself can help increase intelligence. That’s not even considering what you read. I have learned so much on a variety of topics by picking up a book about something interesting and learning about it.
  2. It decreases your risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s (source). Turns out, your brain is like a muscle and reading can be a little like going to the gym. Consistently over time, it can make a real difference.
  3. It’s a great stress reliever. Reading can take you to a distant reality or can provide you with something to concentrate on as a temporary distraction from your stress. It’s also calming and can help shape your mood.
  4. You will be more empathetic, which can help you have better relationships (source). This is particularly true for fiction. Basically, you are better able to understand someone else’s point of view and that makes such a big difference in your real-life relationships.
  5. Reading increases your vocabulary. Coming across new words in context makes it easier to add them to your vocabulary. Reading can also present new sentence structure or ways to use words which expand your language ability.
  6. You’ll sleep better (source). This is true especially if you are reading as a replacement to staring at a digital screen, like your phone.
  7. It sets a good example for your kids or whoever you’re a role model to. We all know it’s important for kids to read as a major part of their development. Kids mimic what they see, so make reading a part of your life and it will become a part of theirs.
  8. The best writers are active readers. If you enjoy writing or even if you don’t, writing is such an important skill for business or self-reflection. A very easy way to instantly up your writing game is to read more.
  9. It’s fun. Maybe I’m biased, but reading is a great use of time. It’s like watching a movie except your brain is engaged. It can be downright thrilling. The most recent just-for-fun book I finished was Station Eleven which was an interesting dystopian novel that I really enjoyed.
  10. You can be mentored from some of the greatest minds in history. We generally learn from our own experiences or the experiences of others. Imagine if you could get advice from Jesus or Socrates or Martin Luther King Jr! The thing is, you can get advice from all the important thought leaders throughout history either from books they’ve written or books written about them. A wealth of mentorship material can be found in the pages of books.

I hope this inspires you to plan some time in your day to pore over a good book. Let me know in the comments what your favorite book is so we can all add it to our reading lists!

Inspiration from lifehack.org and realsimple.com

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