The Mindset to Transform Your Life


Would you like to get in the best shape of your life, save thousands of dollars, have a fulfilling marriage, and build your business or climb the ladder at your job?

Surprisingly, the same thing can help you achieve each of these big dreams.

Compounding actions over time.

The concept is simple, really. Each action you do, added up, compounds over time (like compound interest on a loan) to lead to some big changes.

Skipping one day of exercise isn’t going to change your life and neither is doing that one day of exercise.

That’s the trick. It’s not one day of anything. Any big transformation in a person’s life happens when small, almost unnoticeable changes add up more and more over time.

A short run every day can lead to lower blood pressure. No amount of exercise in one day alone could make that happen.

Putting back a few dollars each paycheck can build up a savings or pay off debt. No amount of savings from one paycheck could have the same effect.

Spending time each and every day pouring love and care into your relationship with your spouse will create a marriage that truly gives joy. If you neglect this, no magnificent day dedicated to your spouse can make up for it. It just can’t.

And your career? Going the extra mile daily to consistently do a great job is going to move you up the ladder more than trying to recover from a bunch of poorly-completed projects.


This same principle works for every area of life. Want to deepen your faith? Spending time in prayer or reading the Bible every day will do much more than a single retreat or conference. Interested in mastering a new skill? Practicing a little bit daily compounds whereas a marathon of practice all at once won’t do as much good.

What could you apply this mentality to? What do you need to do consistently to see results? What action could compound in your life?

For more on this topic, check out the book that inspired me, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I read it months ago, but I continue to see results in my life using this simple principle.

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