The Best Productivity App (Plus a Chance to Get it FREE!)

I’m a bit of a productivity junkie.

I’m always on the hunt for a great tool that makes sense of all the information swarming my brain in a way that I will actually use. Today I want to share a little about a system of list-keeping that I seriously love.

In fact, it’s one of the most-used apps on my phone. I’ve tried so many of the productivity apps available, and I go through the same process each time.

  1. Download app
  2. Think “Wow this is going to change my life! Let me transfer all my ideas and tasks into this new system!”
  3. Fail to use the system because it’s too complicated
  4. Uninstall the app because I’m not using it at all

The app I want to introduce to you today, though, is powerful in its simplicity. It doesn’t do a million different things, but it does one thing, and it does that one thing well.

It keeps lists.


Simple? Absolutely. Useful? For my system of doing things, it is CRUCIAL.

It’s called Paperless.



I use it for everything. If it’s taking up space in my head, it’s going into my Paperless app.

I keep lists of books to read, places to go, blog posts to write, goals, meals to try, gift ideas for people (very useful- if I get an idea for a gift for someone, I put it in this list and refer to this before buying a birthday or Christmas gift!), clothes or home stuff to buy, and I even keep a list of the specs of my house (helpful when shopping or renovating), information about the plants in my landscaping so I know how to care for them, codes and passwords for things, and so much more!.

Here’s a screenshot of some of my lists:

IMG_1442 (1)


When I say that I use it for everything, I really do! I still use my paper planner to plan out my day-to-day calendar, but I use the Paperless app for basically any other organizing of thoughts.

It’s so easy to use, which means I’ll actually use it when an idea arises.

Creating a new list, adding or deleting things from the list, and referring back to a list are all so easy and user-friendly that I’m actually able to use it in my day-to-day life.


There are a few different themes to choose one. This one’s all sunshine, but there are a variety to make your lists look however you’d like them to look!




It gets even better!

The creator of Paperless has just released a new app. This one is called Ikiru and it’s basically Paperless on steroids. While Paperless is simple, Ikiru promises to be powerful with all kinds of new features. You can read all about it here.


This brand new (released yesterday!) app allows you to add pictures to your lists, make lists within lists, and sort them, among other pretty cool features.



I’m pleased to announce that Crush Apps offered to provide some coupon codes for both of these awesome apps! How cool is that?!

I’m offering these codes on a first-come, first-serve basis. All you need to do to claim your code is this:

  • Share this post with your friends on Facebook by clicking this link!


  • Email me at with a topic or a question you’d love to see a post about on the blog.


I’ll get these codes to you either by email or by Facebook’s private message, so be on the lookout!


While you’re at it, subscribe to get new posts by email so you never miss offers like this one!


I’d like to give a special thanks to Jim from Crush Apps for offering these codes for my readers.





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