When There Is No “Right” Choice


As some of you may know, I was accepted into graduate school recently. With that degree, I’d still be doing the same job as I am now, but I’d be able to have a supervisor position or start my own practice. There would likely be a pay raise involved and I’d be able to provide my services (individual counseling) to a wider range of people, because their insurance would recognize me as legit.

Mainly, though, getting this degree is a personal goal of mine. I was excited to get started, but now I’ve decided to put it off.


Good question. The answer is complicated. My husband and my mom can attest to that, because I have talked through this from every angle with each of them. Mainly, I decided that the time commitment needed would leave me frazzled and burnt out. If I can just hold off for a little bit, the time commitment would change and I could maintain  my sanity and still get that degree.

But it’s hard.

It’s hard to change my mind when I have planned this for years. It’s hard to tell everyone that I’m not actually pursuing the big dream I had talked about for so long. It’s hard to make changes- or rather- to not make the changes I thought I’d be making. It’s hard to do this all last minute.

And the fact that this decision is going to be better for my marriage and my well-being? That somehow doesn’t make it a whole lot easier.

I’m slowly coming to terms with this new reality. I know today’s post is a little different than normal, but I think it’s important for you (my readers) to see that part of living a Thriving life is making some tough decisions, and that sometimes these tough decisions don’t have one clearly “right” answer. It’s through difficulty that we grow, after all. I want to thrive wherever I am in life, even if that place isn’t exactly where I had planned to be.

It brings me comfort to think about my priorities when making this kind of tough decision, and to see that even though this or that may seem important, there are much more important things in life.

I’m working on it.



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  1. Megan….just God bless you for following what He places in your heart. It is so hard to have to deviate from our own ‘dreams’, but in doing so, we find that He has so much more for us to accomplish for Him and/or we grow to be more like Him in the process. He prepares us for whatever the bigger picture is, and to see you, someone so young, sticking with His plan over your own is really an inspiration and a testimony to many. Will be watching for updates from you! ♥


      1. Another thought…..He did place that passion for counseling in your heart, so I don’t think its a done deal yet….His timing as you know isn’t our timing, so don’t think this is the end of your dream…He’s got something more special and a lot bigger for you. Like I said, i will be watching for updates! 😉

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