How to Make Your Wife Happy

Today marks 4 years of marriage with the man of my dreams.

How To Make Your Wife Happy

{Photo Credit: MK Loeffler Photograpy}

Looking over the last four years (and the 4ish years we dated prior to getting married) I am amazed at how even after all this time, my husband continues to make me such a happy girl. Sure, it’s a two-way street, but today I want to share 5 things husbands can do to make their wives happy:

  1. Become the best version of yourself. If you’re in a healthy relationship, you will want one another to succeed and continually reach new heights of personal development. Nobody can be perfect, but my husband strives to be moral, driven, godly, kind, and wise. I see it in his actions, not just in his words. Be this type of husband and your wife will adore you for who you are.
  2. Encourage her to be the best version of herself. My husband never holds me back from my dreams or my goals. He wants me to achieve the big dreams I have for myself and he encourages me in all of my many endeavors to improve myself. I’m never afraid to share my ideas with him and this encouragement makes me so incredibly happy. If you find yourself holding your wife back from a dream of hers, now is the time to stop and evaluate why that is and how you can change to be more supportive.
  3. Recognize your wife’s value. Each person on earth has value and your wife is no exception. Her feelings, time, needs, and ideas have value too. Having this mindset means you’ll treat her with respect and honor, even if you disagree on something. In practical terms, this means if both of you work full time, you won’t expect her to do 100% of the housework (because that just doesn’t make sense). It means you’ll listen to her when she’s stressed even if her feelings don’t make any sense to you. It means you will never call her names in anger.
  4. Love your wife. The Bible says to love your wife like Christ loved the church. This means sacrificial love: the kind that would jump in front of a bullet for your wife. It’s important to show your wife that you love her in the way that she appreciates most, whether that’s a compliment, a bouquet of flowers, doing the dishes, holding her hand in the grocery store, or planning a fun day together.
  5. Be honest with her. My husband is so supportive and encouraging to me in everything I do, but it isn’t empty encouragement. He’s also honest with me, so I know that his support and encouragement isn’t just what he feels he has to do. He believes in me, but he’s not afraid to tell me the truth. This makes his support authentic and my love for him grow.

I’m so thankful for the last four years and look forward to everything that I’ll learn and how we will grow in the future. It is possible to make your wife happy, and I hope these thoughts of mine have been helpful for you.

What does your spouse do that makes you happy?

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To Taylor: thanks for being my proof that there is good left in this world and for choosing me, again and again every day. Happy anniversary, love.




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