This One Thing Can Make All the Difference

One day I was at Taco Bell and ordered some sort of Chicken Power Bowl. They called my number, I got my food, and prepared to take the first bite. Much to my surprise, there was no chicken in this chicken bowl. I brought this to the worker’s attention, we had a good laugh about it, and he added my chicken.


In this situation, the irony is funny, but there are so many examples of this kind of thinking in our lives.

Are you…

  • so busy preparing for a wedding that you forget to prepare for the marriage?
  • so focused on serving in church ministries that you neglect your relationship with God?
  • forgetting the purpose of your business because of all the “work” you’re doing?
  • missing out on your vacation because you’re trying to get the perfect picture to capture it?

Today I want to remind and encourage you to examine where you’re placing your time and energy. Are you losing the important thing because of the details? Are you forgetting to put chicken in the chicken bowl?


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