How to Make Your Week Less Hectic

Do you ever have weeks where you just feel behind? Like you’re catching up all week long? That was last week for me. I hadn’t gotten food ready that I needed to, so we hit the drive-thru (which isn’t normally like us). Instead of maintaining a clean home, I was catching up from old messes and clutter. I was tired and frazzled in the mornings. What was going on?

It didn’t take me long to recognize exactly what was the difference that caused last week’s chaos.

I had failed to finish my Sunday evening week preparation.



Each Sunday, I do a few things to get myself prepared for the week ahead. It’s simple, really, but it is noticeable when I skip it.

Here are the things that I include in my Sunday evenings:

  1. Go through my notes. Any little note I’ve jotted down and thrown in my purse or scribbled on my planner is dealt with. This could mean writing it in a more appropriate place (like on my calendar), acting on it (if it’s a reminder to do something), or adding it to my to-do list. This is my way of utilizing the GTD method.
  2. Set up my planner for the week. I use and love the Erin Condren Life Planner. Sunday evenings, I go through and list my meals for the week, workouts, anywhere I need to be, and anything I need to do. I add to the To Do list throughout the week, but I set up the bones of my week on Sunday evenings so I’m ready to use it all week long.
  3. Review goals and habits. For me, this is a great time to look over my goals and things I’m working on to check in on my progress and not let myself forget about anything.
  4. Get house to zero. If -10 is when my house is a disaster and +10 is when my house is perfectly spotless and organized, zero is when my house is adequately picked up and clean to a level that I would be fine if someone stopped by to visit. Basically, this means making sure I’m going into the week with a neutral space, so I can stay on top of things as the week goes on rather than trying to catch up.
  5. Go through my normal evening routine. This means packing mine and my husband’s lunches for the next day, getting my workout clothes ready, setting out my outfit for the next day, thawing any food that I’ll be cooking tomorrow, putting together my work bag for the next day, and anything else that will help me be prepared for the next morning. This makes such a difference for me (no running around trying to find clean socks, for instance).
  6. Get to sleep! If I go to sleep late on Sunday, my week will often be in a funk. I need to get sleep so I can wake up refreshed and ready for the week on Monday, because waking up late tends to snowball and cause my whole week to get crazy.

If I do these things, I notice that my week goes so much more smoothly! Regardless of what you need to include in your Sunday evening prep time, I think that planning ahead and attacking the week (instead of it attacking you) is key for a less stressful life.

What do you do on the weekend to prepare for the week ahead?


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