What Breaks Your Heart?

Just two days ago, a murderer took the lives of over 50 people as an expression of hate. Hearing the stories from that night ripped my heart in two.

We can choose how we will react to this injustice. Will we forget it as quickly as it happened? Will we use it for political gain as a twisted argument for or against gun control, homosexuality, Islam, immigration, or policing? We are better than that, America. This tragedy can’t be lowered to the realm of political mudslinging or ignorant bigotry.


typorama (1)


Instead, let’s use this as a reminder of the most powerful force on earth:


When your heart breaks for the mom who falls to the ground in agony over the loss of her son, let it break. Let your heart break for the survivors who now have to re-live those hours of hell over and over again. Let your heart break for the police and first responders who risked their lives to help another and now have that scene forever branded onto their soul. Let your heart break.

The moment we quit letting our hearts break over the evil and hurting in the world is the moment we lose our shared humanity. Let your heartbreak move you to action. Search for what breaks your heart and use that fiery compassion to change both yourself and the world.

Whatever breaks your heart, let it. Whether it’s poverty or disease or lost souls or broken families or racism or corruption or anything else, don’t shy away from the heartbreak. Let this tragedy be an unfortunate motivation– a dark inkblot in the pages of history- which ignites a fire in the people of the United States and of the world to move us to compassion for our fellow man.

Let your heart break.



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