How to Have a Great Day

Have you ever felt like you totally conquered your day? And, on the other hand, have you ever had a day where you felt like the world totally conquered you? My guess is that we’ve all experienced both of these types of days, but what is it that makes up a good day? What all is involved in that, and can we replicate that intentionally?


I argue that yes, there are things that we can do to create more of the good days. After thinking through the things that differentiate my best days from my not-so-great days, I’ve discovered a few key themes. They are:

  1. Wake up on time and feeling rested. This usually starts from going to bed on time the night before. Very few of my best days begin by waking up late.
  2. Wear or do something to feel confident. Going through your day feeling like you aren’t looking your best is not conducive for having a great day. You can achieve this daily confidence in a number of ways; for me, it includes working out (feel strong and accomplished) and spending ample time on my appearance (hair, outfit, makeup helps me feel put together). Whatever makes you feel like your best version of yourself is a good place to start.
  3. Get stuff done. Having some sort of direction for the day, possibly in the form of a to-do list, and then using your time wisely to get the important stuff done can be a day maker. Accomplishment and satisfaction are nearly always a part of my best days. You don’t have to paint the Sistine Chapel. Something as simple as washing your car can give you the satisfaction you need.
  4. Reflect and unwind. Great days generally involve some level of relaxation. At the end of the day, taking some time to reflect over it (in the form of journaling or talking with someone) and to unwind from it (reading, taking a bath, stretching) can work wonders to round out your great day.

That’s my recipe for a great day. I’d love to know what is a part of your best days, too!

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