How to Convince Yourself to Do That Boring Task

I was finally motivated to get some dusting done. My Pandora station was playing and I was ready to go. Duster in hand, I speed-dusted all around the room which had been neglected for so long. Much to my surprise, when I finished, Adele was finishing up “Set Fire to the Rain.” This wouldn’t matter, except for the fact that this was the same song that was playing when I started. And that’s when I had an epiphany.


Here I had been putting off dusting for so long because (in my irrational mind) it seemed like it would take a lot of time and energy and I had so many other things to do. But when I actually got right to it, it took me less time than an Adele song. Yep. One song.

No, it was not a deep and thorough cleaning, but it was the type of maintenance that I have been aiming to do more often. Regardless, I quickly discovered that the “long boring chores” that I so easily neglect are actually extremely quick and simple. I spend more time planning out when I’m going to do it than actually doing it.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, it’s simple. Think about that chore-like activity that you put off and/or dread doing. Maybe it’s cleaning some area of your house or car. Maybe it’s a certain paperwork submission at work. Whatever it is, consider timing yourself the next time you do it.  Or, like me, play some music and see how many songs it takes to get through. You might just be surprised at how big and boring you build something up to be in your mind, when it’s actually pretty quick and simple.

Don’t spend more time dreading an activity than doing the activity. It’s just not worth it.

As for my dusting, well, it appears that even on the days I get home late, I now know that I have no excuse but to get it done. Thanks, Adele.


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