How to Stay Focused While Working to Get More Done

Distractions seem to come at us from every direction. According to The New York Times, we lose up to 25 minutes of productivity for every distraction because that’s how long it takes us to get back on track. There’s a simple fix when it comes to smartphone notifications (which can be a big distraction!). Airplane mode.


Airplane mode is technically for airplanes. It temporarily stops transmission to or from your phone so the battery won’t drain from switching cell towers constantly during a flight. For me, this is a useful feature for while I’m working. If I have a client and my phone’s put away, this keeps it from buzzing at every Facebook notification or text message. When I discovered this, I found that it’s also useful for keeping myself from becoming distracted while working on something else.

I put my phone on airplane mode, get to work, and take it off airplane mode when I’m done or need a break, and all my notifications pop up. Magic!

If you haven’t tried this simple productivity trick, give it a try. On iPhones, simply swipe up from the bottom and tap the tiny airplane. Or, you can go to settings and switch airplane mode to the “on” position.

Prepare yourself for distraction-free productivity.

What do you do to keep yourself from getting distracted during your work at home or in the office? Share in the comments below!

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