Making Family Memories

I once took a class in college about happiness. Yes, that’s real. It was an honors course, and we discussed happiness and factors that improve happiness all semester. It was actually really neat and I learned a lot of useful things.

Today, though, I want to share with you something interesting that happened in that class. It taught me an important thing about life.

In my class, we probably had 20-30 students ranging in ages from 18 to mid 40s. We were discussing the importance of family on a person’s happiness, and the professor posed this question for us each to think about:

“What positive memories do you remember most from your childhood?”



We each had time to discuss it, and then we each presented our memories. After everyone was done sharing the answers, the professor pointed out a very interesting theme. Almost every memory shared was of day-to-day, simple things. You would expect people to remember big trips to Disneyland or the time that they had the biggest birthday party ever or received their first Playstation or won a big contest or game. But no, answers shared were more like fishing with grandpa, eating dinner with the whole family, cooking with mom, playing checkers with dad, or running through the sprinkler with siblings.


I was actually amazed when I thought about this. Parents often try so hard to craft some sort of spectacular memory for their child. But whether it’s children, a spouse, or friends, the truth is, spending time together doing something simple but fun is truly what will be looked back on with the warmest memories.

This can provide some perspective. What are you filling your days with? If you want to make the best memories, fill them with fun times spent alongside the people you care about.


What positive memories do you remember most from your childhood? Share in the comments below!



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