Two Steps to Fight Depression

Depression affects many people every year. Whether you suffer from clinically diagnosed depression, or you’re just finding yourself in a depressed mood, a recent study found two simple things you can do to help things start looking up right away


Two Simple Steps to Combat Depression

  1. Exercise– Exercise is so important to every area of your wellness, including your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which give you a natural high, reduce your feelings of pain, and improve your mood. I always encourage my clients who suffer from depression to try some level of exercise.
  2. Meditate– Meditation can be a life-changing habit. Meditation is simply spending time to contemplate and reflect. This can be done by being mindful and focusing on the task you are doing in the present (here‘s a great article on that). You can also meditate by focusing and contemplating a meaningful phrase or Bible verse (and here‘s a good article about meditating on scripture). Instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, you are focused and relaxed.

The beauty of these two simple actions is that when you practice both, there seems to be an even greater improvement. The brain cell growth from exercise plus the improved focus from meditation can together help people who struggle with negative thoughts. Depression and negative thoughts go hand-in-hand, so these positive activities can make a huge difference.

Good news for everyone: the study also found that even people who weren’t suffering from depression noticed a very significant positive difference from the combo of exercise and meditation.

In other words, if you aren’t already spending time meditating and exercising regularly, now might be a good time to schedule some quiet time each day and dust off those running shoes.




{The study referred to in this article came from the journal of Translational Psychiatry and can be found here}


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