Thoughts from February

February is a month full of emotions.


Let’s just start with the Super Bowl. I can’t think of a better way to bring together a group of people who don’t watch football than to throw a football party on this special day. Hey, I’m guilty of not even knowing what teams were in the Super Bowl until I showed up to watch it. I knew Peyton Manning was in it this year, but isn’t he always?

Plus, the Super Bowl is society’s acceptable way of blowing every New Years Resolution (or goal) that you set just a few weeks ago. Triple-layered-butter-brownie-sugar bars? Oh yeah! Cheesy-bacon-more-cheese-plus-pretzels dip? Can’t say no if it’s shaped like a FOOTBALL (since, you know, you’re so into football)!

Then, as if the Super Bowl’s not enough, let’s just bring on the most emotional day of the year: Valentine’s Day. I’ve been blessed to have pretty decent Valentine’s Day experiences for the most part, but I’d say that’s the exception to the rule. If you’re single, there’s the emotions. If you’re dating and you don’t get engaged, there’s the emotions. If you’re dating and you DO get engaged, there’s the emotions. If you’re married and your spouse gets you a blender, there’s the emotions (that really happened to me once, although I was actually thrilled).

Oh, and I could even go WAY back to grade school when giving out the full-sized square Valentine that came in those little character Valentine’s packages was like the epitome of being in love. And then not receiving a full-sized square one back?? There’s the emotions.

But we got through the awkwardness of watching football for the first time all year (or actually caring about the game and having to watch it with a bunch of idiots like me) and we got through the emotions of Valentine’s Day. If either of these two days was less than perfect for you, well, they’re over.

I’m excited to see what March has in store.

p.s. Sorry about your luck, Panthers fans.




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