One Thing to Improve Your Marriage and Your Health

The modern world has blessed us with countless conveniences, not the least being the smartphone. In the words of Peter Parker’s uncle, though, “with great power comes great responsibility.”


With just one simple step, you can simultaneously improve your marriage and your health. What is this miracle action? Just get off your devices 30 minutes before bed.

Your marriage can be improved dramatically from it. If you aren’t already going to bed at the same time as your spouse, start. But physically being in bed together does not in itself improve your relationship. Being off your cell phone or tablet to give each other your undivided attention is crucial. Chat about your day and what each other is going through. This boosts intimacy! Who knows, this undivided attention may just lead to some romance, and I can’t think of a marriage that wouldn’t benefit from that.

As for your health, because using screens late at night can throw off your circadian rhythm, turning off the laptop/iPad/phone before bed helps you get to sleep and to improve your sleep quality. Sleep is crucial to overall wellbeing. Turn off that screen before bed. Your sleep, and therefore your health, will thank you.

When it comes to getting off your device before bed, it’s a win-win for both your marriage and your health!

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Are you guilty of using a device right before bed? If you’ve stopped, have you noticed a difference?


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