Some Goal Ideas to Get You Motivated

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With a million different areas of life fighting for your time and attention, it’s no wonder why it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a worthwhile goal. To help get you started, here is a list of a few potential goals which might help kickstart your journey to radical life improvement. I’ve broken them down into categories to help you out.



Sign up for a 5k and set a goal for a time to beat

Do x number of pull-ups (or push-ups, or whatever)

Lift x amount of weight on bench press (or squats, or whatever)

Drink 8 glasses of water every day for an entire month

Plant a garden, harvest and eat your own vegetables

Try a new healthy recipe once every week for 3 months



Have a date night with your spouse once a month this year

Have a date night with each of your kids individually once a month this year

Read to your kids once every day for a month

Call a relative to chat once every month this year

Invite a friend to grab a cup of coffee once a month

Have one more (than usual) family dinner per week every week for 3 months

Learn each family member’s love language (here’s a great book for that)


Education and Career

Get started on a new educational pursuit, finish a class, or finish your degree

Get a promotion

Start a side hustle or make $x at your existing side hustle



Read through the Bible or complete a series of devotionals

Wake up at x:00 every day for a month (earlier than normal)

Plan a productive morning and evening routine and execute it every day for a month

Organize a different zone in your house every month

Have $x in savings

Do something enriching like playing an instrument, drawing, or taking a bath every day for a month

Attend a group class like yoga, cooking, or painting

Journal every day for a month


Hopefully one or more of those goals inspires you in your goal setting this year! What has been the most successful goal you’ve set? Share in the comments section so we can all gain a little motivation!


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